Our Services

We provide the best service to serve you better, and treat your animal well. Do not forget to contact us, if there is an extra need to be present.


We investigate animal diseases through clinical presentations and laboratory analysis using modern technologies. We also conduct postmortem examination and feed and water analysis. You can reach out to us for investigation of diseases on your farm animals (poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, pig and rabbit), pets (dog, cats and horse) and wild animals. We also provide special services to tertiary institution students carrying out research related to investigations on animal diseases. For more information, you can contact us through info@evmeds.com.

Animal Health Services

We do not want to leave our client with the knowledge of the problems (diseases), we provide solution to the problems. These solutions include but not limited to vaccination, treatment, biosecurity, biocontainment, biosafety and so on. If you are in need of any of these, kindly contact us through info@evmeds.com

Veterinary Consultancy

We care about your investment and we do not want you to run into any form of losses as a result of preventable or avoidable problems. If you are thinking of making investment around animals (food animals or pets) and you are not sure of how or where to start; you have experienced some losses already and want to reduce the risks in you subsequent investments or you are doing fine but requires a veterinarian on a stand by, then we are here to serve you. We provide a turnkey consultancy, retainer service or one-off consultancy – we are here to serve you just the way you want. Kindly reach out to us through info@evmeds.com

Product Promotion

Are there animal (dog, poultry, ruminant and pet) feed or feed additives, animal health products (drugs and vaccines), disinfectants and other animal-related products you desire to give a leap sales to or you are just taking the products to the market for the first time and desire a market penetration, you are in the right place. You can provide us the details through info@evmeds.com and we will contact you.

Project Management

We are experienced in developing concepts around animal disease incidence, data gathering and interventions, animal health and preventive measures; managing various animal-related projects and providing an oversight for programs funded by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), state or federal government, international organizations and funders