About Us

EMMSAR Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Services (EVMEDS) is a profit-making organization that was founded by an experienced veterinarian to provide veterinary diagnostic and healthcare services for farm animals, pets and other animals. It was also developed to incorporate technology into veterinary practice to enhance easy data collection on animal disease in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries. The founder of the organization saw a wide gap between data in research publications and the actual animal disease incidence and desired to bridge this gap. It is essential to state that the gap created has made many interventions (local and international) unsuccessful, engenders ineffective policies, irresponsible use of antibiotic and attendant effect of drug resistance, wrong vaccination protocol and inadequate preventive measures. Our unique selling points (USPs) are:

  • Our targets are not limited to the elite and urban dwellers alone but also the rural dwellers (the smallholder farmers, their food animals and pets).

  • We integrate technology into veterinary practice to close the gap that geographical space and distance has created in reaching people in the rural communities in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries.

  • Our primary focus is on reducing disease incidence in animals using data gathered on the field.


To advance animal (food animal and pet) health and productivity in Nigeria through the increased availability of veterinary medical services to the public especially grass-root animal owners in remote areas using digital innovation and novel means of communication.


To be a first-choice organization with a passionate pursuit of reducing incidence of diseases in animals and mitigating against spread of zoonotic diseases to the public in Nigeria.

Team Lead.

Adebayo Sopeju

I finished my DVM and M.Sc. (Virology) from the University of Ibadan in the years 2010 and 2015 respectively. I am currently doing my PhD in Advanced Virology. I am a virologist, biomedical researcher and disease diagnostician and project manager. I have received training in Nigeria, Africa (Uganda) and outside Africa (France and Belgium) on molecular techniques, biomedical research, disease diagnosis, business development, laboratory administration and networking and so on. I have worked as a Country Diagnostic Manager for Zoetis-ALPHA initiative in Nigeria and have worked in many other organizations as a disease diagnostician. In February, 2020, I was invited by FAO to Rome to present on "Tech Transformation of Livestock Industry in Nigeria".